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wonderfully made!

Wonderfully Made is the new ministry we are launching through which we will provide free school uniforms to kids across Medway who can't afford them.

School is often a tough place to be and when your uniform is dirty, ripped or absent other kids can turn this into an opportunity to bully.  Our heart is to reverse this and so we are currently in the collection stage where we are gathering items of uniform to be able to give it away and we are launching a pilot programme in Chatham pre- September.

Get involved:

We need people to give us uniforms.  Perhaps your child has grown out of it or left school?  We don't want tatty hand-me-downs as that does not speak value to the kids we want to give it to.  We want to give them good quality, tidy uniforms.

We need contacts with the schools and lost property to be able to collect more uniform and hope to generate support from local businesses.

We need prayer support and venues across Medway to store and distribute the uniforms.

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