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Our Story

In 2011 God called Andy and Sharon Millar to plant a brand new church in Medway, with the vision of bringing hope, healing and freedom to Medway through the love of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Having met Jesus within months of each other, they were captivated by the goodness of God and seeing Jesus turn lives around and heal many people from physical and emotional afflictions.  They moved their family to Medway and began to gather people who were also passionate about seeing Medway transformed by God's hope, healing and freedom.

The founding values of that early group are still alive and well today in the established church:  a warm welcome for everyone, a lack of pretence or performance - just come as you are, celebrating God's goodness and revelling in His presence, a desire to see lives transformed by God's love and power and a passion to see the whole community of Medway uplifted spiritually, socially, culturally and economically. 

You won't find a church with slick presentations or flashing lights - but you will find warmth, acceptance and honest friendship as we journey following Jesus together.

our pastors:
Andy and Sharon Millar
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