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The miracle of children - At Medway Vineyard we have a heart for couples that are unable to conceive. We have prayed for many couples to have children and God loves to offer us double portions.  The couples often have twins and one couple actually had quadruplets.  Careful what you pray for!


The dead dog - We went for a walk one evening with our dog to a local park and when my son and I arrived we could see a lady crying hysterically on her phone over what looked like a brown lump.  As we got closer I realised it was a dog so I immediately started running towards her shouting, 'Is your dog okay?'.  Through her tears she explained that her dog had just suddenly dropped dead.  It was a large boxer dog called Ruby.  I asked if I could pray and she agreed.  I didn't know what to pray so I just knelt down and lay my hands on the dog, praying in tongues.  A crowd gathered and to a cheer, the dog jumped up, full of beans as if nothing had ever been wrong!! 

Skin conditions - Glynis had suffered from a skin condition called urticaria for months.  It had become debilitating.  She was in constant pain and discomfort.  She was unable to sleep and had to be covered from head to foot in cold, wet strips of material.   On her first visit to Medway Vineyard she was prayed for and her skin was completely healed over the next few days.  Her dermatologist agreed that it was a miracle because nothing she had suggested or prescribed had worked for Glynis.

More skin conditions - One day I went to Matthew's swimming club and a lady I used to talk with showed me her debilitating eczema.  It was all over her body and she was not only in pain but very self conscious about it.  The children had finished their lesson but I asked if I could very quickly pray for her and then said goodbye until the next week.  They next week I arrived at the pool and this lady legged it into the changing rooms.  I thought that she was hiding from me because she decided I was weird after praying for her but she emerged from the changing room with a bottle of wine.  She explained she would have bought me a card but she didn't know my name but she remembered I liked wine.  Her skin had been completely healed over the days after I had prayed and had bought me some wine as a thank you. 

Pneumonia - When Ross was about two years old he suddenly became unwell.  He was listless and floppy so his parents rushed him to A&E.  They immediately did tests and x-rayed his lungs.  The doctors said that he was a very sick little boy.  The x-rays showed very shadowed lungs.  Ross needed to get to the ward for swift treatment.  Now his parents were new Christians but they believed that God heals so Ross's mum, laid hands on him and said, 'Be healed in Jesus' name', while he waited in the A&E cubicle to be moved to the ward.  Within 10 minutes he was up and about, running about A&E.  The doctors and nurses were baffled.  They cancelled the bed on the ward and sent Ross home with his ecstatic parents who were praising God.

Injured shoulder - I had an injured shoulder which meant i was in pain all the time.  I couldn't wash myself in the shower properly because my range of movement was limited and sleep was broken because every time I rolled over the pain woke me up.  One night I had been reading the Old Testament and over and over it said, 'The Lord of the Heaven's armies says...'.  I turned off my light to go to sleep and in my mind I found myself saying, 'The Lord of the Heaven's armies says shoulder be healed'.  As I was drifting off to sleep I realised that the pain was completely gone out of my shoulder.  I roused myself enough to say thank you to Jesus and as I did what felt like a wave of electricity began flowing through my body from my head to my toes.  Over and over again.  The Holy Spirit was delighted that I had thanked Jesus for healing me.

Epilepsy - Andrew changed roles in his job and had some new colleagues.  One of them was a young woman who was newly married.  She had epilepsy so severely that she had a grand mal seizure every night in bed.  Her new husband was getting no sleep and she was barely able to function through the day.  Andrew arranged for Sharon to come and pray for her because she had been healed of epilepsy in the past.  After praying the epilepsy subsided.  There has since been a few bouts of epilepsy but nothing on the same scale.  Also, she had wanted to have children but because of medication the risks to a baby were high.  She asked us to pray and has since had a very healthy baby boy.

Deaf ears - A young boy came to church who was deaf in one ear.  The children during kids ministry gathered around him and prayed.  He said after being prayed for that he could hear but he didn't seem too excited so we assumed he was just being a kind kid.  The following week at church, his mother stood up and said that he had an appointment scheduled on Monday to have a hearing aid fitted and when the specialist tested him there was no sign of deafness.  His hearing was perfect. 

Healed back - When we went home to visit family in Northern Ireland we went to see the Healing on the Streets being run by Causeway Coast Vineyard.  We were brand new Christians but we heard that all sorts of healings were occurring through this ministry.  I had been having some back pain so when we arrived I was eager to sit in a chair and receive prayer (even though passers by in Coleraine town centre were gawping at me.  I was told that my hips were misaligned which was causing the discomfort so they were going to pray for my leg to grow out.  Andrew was called over to watch my leg grow.  Which it did, almost immediately.  We then headed to my friend's house for dinner and with much excitement and a beer can in his hand, Andrew demonstrated the healing prayer on Marelene, who was suffering with a bad back and we watched in amazement as God grew her leg in front of our own eyes in her kitchen. 

Cancer healed - Andrew had a colleague who found a lump and she was terrified it was cancer.  Her mother had just spent the previous few years battling cancer.  Andrew asked if his wife Sharon could come into the office for pray for her and although she was very nervous she said yes.  Sharon, came and prayed and after praying felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to ask if she knew how to become a Christian.  She gave her life to Jesus that day in the office and she also found when she went for tests that she was cancer free.  

Child at conference - I went to a Rich Nathan Conference and sitting in front of me was a couple that had traveled all the way from America.  They had a child with them who slept the whole time on his mother's lap.  I was marvelling at this because my children would have been swinging from the rafters.  We had a refreshment break and had just sat down to start the teaching again when the child in front dropped his blanket on the floor.  I picked it up and handed it to the mother who thanked me and explained tat her child was delirious.  Her child was sick!! I couldn't concentrate.  I wanted to stand up and shout, 'Stop everything! There is a sick child here'.  But I didn't and the next break came really quickly.  I tapped the mother on the shoulder and asked if anyone had prayed for her child.  When she said that they hadn't I asked if I could.  So I prayed and the break was over, the teaching resumed.  Unbelievably, within 10 minutes that child was up and walking about, eating a banana.  He was totally healed.

Stories to come:


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