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CHildren and youth

Children's ministry

Year R to Year 5

We don't believe that Children should just be looked after during a church service, but that they should be invested in and blessed as much or more than the adults.  We want to equip our children to follow Jesus, nuture their relationships with Him and do the things He did. 

The children stay with their parents/carers for the Worship then are signed into the Kids' ministry where they will prayer for each other and learn about the stories of the bible. 

We believe that children who follow Jesus receive the same sized portion of the Holy Spirit as the adults and can do all the things Jesus did!

Preschool age children are welcome to join in with the children's.


Year 6 to Year 13

Our Youth remain with the adults for the worship and then go to their own group.  We consider Youth to be Year 6 upwards sand we desire to see them understand their identity, meet with Jesus and do the things He did.

Youth don't need to be signed in by their parents, but as with the Children's ministry, the leader of the session will always hold a current DBS certificate.

Each year, our Youth go the the national Vineyard youth event - Dreaming The Impossible (DTI) for which see more details here.

DTI is a wonderful gathering of over 1000 Youth from across the Vineyard in UK and Ireland with vibrant times of worship, age-relevant teaching and powerful ministry.

A copy of our safeguarding policy can be provided upon request

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