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Medway Vineyard - what's that then?

Medway Vineyard is an established church and is part of Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland, a growing movement of churches, built on God’s transforming word, who worship God with passion, intimacy and expectation.  See this link to the main Vineyard UK and Ireland website for more details and plenty of resources - Here.

To watch the Vineyard Churches Legacy film, please click here.

Each Vineyard church stands alone but is also part of a growing tribe across the globe.  The easiest way to summarise this is to say that if you visit any Vineyard church they will all look different but feel the same.  We share a statement of faith (see link here), we share a common set of values and theology of the Kingdom of God.

Medway Vineyard Church is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.  Charity Commission registered number 1135029

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